Goal one: Promote learning and teaching for knowledge, skills, creativity, intellect, and the abilities to analyze new information and communicate effectively.

Goal one is implemented by six institutional student learning outcomes (iSLOs), alternately conceivable as institutional instructional objectives.

iSLO#iSLO Categoryinstitutional Student Learning Outcome: Students will be able to...
1knowledge define, describe, demonstrate, and explain knowledge within a field of study.
2skills apply, use, perform, exhibit, and demonstrate skills required of a particular career or field of endeavor.
3creativity plan, design, develop, seek, find, synthesize, and create solutions, strategies, documents, and products.
4intellect exhibit the capacity for independent thought and critical thinking.
5communicationcommunicate effectively through writing, speaking, performing, exhibiting, or other forms of expression.
6analysis acquire, interpret, analyze, assess, and evaluate information.