This is a series of photos shot on the 2.882 km loop around the property. This trail and meadow loop provides a nice twenty to twenty-five minute run with a nice mix of rolling hills. The photos follow the order in which the loop is typically lapped.

Southern legs

blue trail entering southern green

Natural arch

natural arch natural arch

Eastern northbound legs

pines on northern green cave rock cardio hill


meadows native prairie

Northeast corner

alfalfa Looking south from River and 78

Northern road

Looking west along the road.

Northern legs

trail inside forest along River road black rasperries

Heading south along western perimeter

063024oats (52K) trail along the tall grass and poison ivy section

Corn and thistles

cut alfalfa on the left, corn on the right A fiercesome adversary of the field runner

Along the teal line

triple jump headed southbound
fallen tree on the middle ascent Valley of the oaken forest

Southwestern leg

063036trail_southwest (47K)

Across the valley

063038southwestview (55K) 063039southernview (57K)

ArgyleLee LingCOMFSM