Of Memories

Aunt Helen

Four generations spanned from Helen to Shanalin. Helen is 103 in this image. Alzheimer's has taken its toll, but she was active and alert through her 100th birthday. She has forgotten more than most ever have a shot at remembering.


070804graveside (67K) Marlin meets Marlin, touching the locomotive in a brief instant of connection.
070807gravemarker (69K)

Edwardo's pizza

070808edwardos (46K) 070809edwardos (67K)


The Float

Fourth of july float Fourth of july float

The Playground

070814backlot (55K) 070815backlot_sharisey (48K) 070816backlot_slide (56K) 070817sharisey_slide (35K) 070818marlin_slide (32K)

Former Home

Old home My home during my high school years.

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