Portulaca spp. possibly P. lutea or P. oleracea

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Growing in the hollow base of a felled coconut tree.

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Leaves are fleshy, stems generally reddish.

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Flowers in the morning only, closes by afternoon.  Flowers can red or yellow.   All the flowers on a stem system are the same color.   Style is usually off-center with respect to the anthers and filaments. 

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Family: Portulaceae

Genus Species: Portulaca spp. possibly Portulaca oleracea or a cultivar (Dalihlu Waltu)

Chuukese name:

English name:

Kosraen name: "Vietnam Rose"

Pohnpeian name:

Yapese name:

Growth from: herb

Growth location: terrestrial

Growth environment: cultivated soil, or dead stumps

Growth zone: tropical

Average height: 4 inches

Stem: light red, branches on main stem, little branches on branches

Leaf arrangement: opposite

Stipule: none


Leaf blade: green, elliptical, obtuse, entire

Description by Silverina Pretrick.  Photos by Dana Lee Ling.

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