Saccharum spontaneum Phragmites karka

Some of the tall grasses seen on Pohnpei

Latin English Pohnpeian Kosraen*
Phragmites karka Reed liroa ac
Saccharum spontaneum Wild cane sihr loa
Saccharum officinarum Sugar cane sehu tu

*consider these unconfirmed and the spellings questionable

Images of Saccharum spontaneum:

naimy06.jpg (6143 bytes) naimy07.jpg (5727 bytes) sspont01.JPG (8409 bytes)

Images of P. karka tassel:

pkarka01.JPG (13399 bytes)

Images of S. spontaneum (white tassel) and P. karka (brown tassel)

pkassp01.jpg (9844 bytes) ssppka01.jpg (7109 bytes)pkassp02.jpg (8138 bytes)

S. spontaneum stem on top,  P. karka stem on the bottom:

ssppka02.jpg (12630 bytes)

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