Mimosa pudica

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Mimosa pudica inflorescence 10x Mimosa pudica anther 200x

The first four images were taken with a Sony DSC-F1 Digital camera set in macro mode.   The close-up of the inflorescence is a 10x magnification shot with an Intel QX3 digital microscope.  The anther image is a 200x image taken with the Intel digital microscope.

Family Name: Mimosaceae

Botannical classification: Plantae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida rosidae mimosaceae

Common name: Sensitive plants, sleeping grass

Chuukese name: Setan

Pohnpeian Name: Limemeirpwong

Collected in COM-FSM campus, between the faculty office and the classroom building.

Habit: terrestrial grass.

Description: Can found in area where soil is warm and it is very sensitive to the surrounding. The whole grass is pubescent.

Leave: alternate compound green leaves with four opposite bipinnate leaflets.1-2inches stalk.

Flower: inflorescence axillary global flower. 1-2 inches peduncle, numerous purple filaments with white anther on each filament. The fruits is flat uplong and can also appear with the flower at each axillary bud and stay longer than the flower.Corola is 1-2.5mm long

Stem: 1-2.5mm diameter of the stem, usually grow to 4 feet or more. consist of alternative thorns on the stem usually 2-3mm long.

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