Lantana camara

Verbenaceae (Verbena Family)

Pohnpeian Name: Rahndana

Common Name: Lantana


Erect, branching shrub 0.5-2m in height with bad smell foliage, finely pubescent, prickly

Leaves- opposite, simple, blade ovate,upper surface scabrons and rugose, lower finely pubescent

Inflorescence- a dense, axillary, flat-topped head-like spike 1-3 cm across

Calyx- cup-shaped, 1.2-2.2mm long, shallowy 2 lobed, subtended by a bracteole

Corolla- salverform, tube curved,6-9mm long, limb spreading, 4-8mm across, yellow, orange, red or pink in the same head

Fruit- a shiny, dark purple or black, globose drupe 4-6 mm long

Specimen collected and web page prepared by: Brigeen Perman, October 1998.

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