Stachytarpheta jamaicensis

Family: Verbenaceae

Chuukese name: no name

Kosrean name: no name

Pohnpeian name: no name

Yapese name: no name

Location collected: found at the opposite of Niko store along the road.

Habit: shrub; Grows along side roads especially in hot terrestrial places.

Leaf description: The leaf shape is blade elliptic to obovate, acute tip with acuminate base and its leaf margin is dentrate.It has a even pinnately compund formation.

Calyx description: tubular 4.5-7mm long, shallowly lobed.

Corolla: The shape is salveform, tube curved, 8-11mm long, limb spreading 6-9mm across.

Stamen description: 2 epipetalous sticking to its corolla.

Pistil description: None

This kind of plant is found all over Pohnpei.

Specimen collected and web page prepared by: Naimy Weilbacher.

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