Cananga odorata

Cananga odorataCananga odorata

Family: Annonaceae

Kosraen name: Ilanglang

Chamorro: Alangilang

Chuukese name: Pwalang

Phillipines: Ilangilang

Pohnpeian name: Seiren Wai

English name: Ylang Ylang

Scientific name: Cananga odorata

Location: Northside of the campus access road and down the main road towards Kolonia

Habit: Terrestrial

Leaf description: The leaf shapes is Lanceolate and the tips is Acuminate and of course

the leaf margins is undulate.The leaves modification is parallel veined.

Inflorescence:  Solitary, axillary. Characterized by three to five green elongated triangular petals and fragrance (particulary strong at night).

Specimen collected and web page created by: Bruno Ned, October 1998.

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