Acacia auriculiformis Acacia linearis Cassia fistula Cassia alata

Images were taken on Pohnpei during the week of 09 November 1998 and on 28 November 98 (Cassia alata). Images are 24 bit JPEGs and look best if the computer desktop is set to high color or true color. Page is best rendered by Microsoft Internet Explorer. All misidentifications are the fault of the page author, Dana Lee Ling.

Acacia auriculiformis

Common around residences on Pohnpei. Introduced and considered to be noxious. Flowers are a small yellow partial pom-pom.

Leaves and seed pod. Opened seed pod. Floral buds
Helical unripe seed pod. Branches have a hanging habit at ends. Shrub becomes tree with age.

Acacia linearis

Uncommon. Possibly a single specimen on Pohnpei.

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Cassia fistula

Specimen photographed at the Agriculture station. Pardon please for the lack of an image of its tree habit. Also known as Golden Shower tree.

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Cassia alata (Candle bush)

Found along streams, rivers, and on wet soils. Leaves are used to treat rashes on Kosrae and Pohnpei. Used for ringworm on Samoa, Tonga, leaves contain chrysophanic acid (Whistler). Also known as Senna alata. This particular plant is growing in Kitti a tad to the North of the Lehn Mesi river.

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