DATE:             26 May 2003


TO:                  Mike Tatum and Ringlen Ringlen


FROM:            Kevin Donnelly


SUBJECT:       Confidential Results from Student Survey



During the last week of school we requested the SBA to randomly pass out approximately 525 surveys (sample copy attached) to students either in classrooms or as they moved from class to class.  The data from these surveys was to assist the Sports Center in obtaining the following:


  1. The profile of the student completing the survey (male/female, number of semesters at COM and living on or off campus)
  2. Students utilization of the Sports Center during any given month
  3. The student’s suggested additions or changes to the current programs and activities
  4. Any additional comments


We received 120 surveys back or a 23% return rate.  All the surveys are numbered so if you wish to review any of them you are most welcome to. The SBA students told us as that, when they were passing out the surveys, a great many of the off-campus students, once they had read and found out what the survey contained, didn’t want to complete it.  These students said “They do not use the Sports Center because it is too far from town and that they do not want to stay after class to use it or drive back to COM in the evening”.


The student profile from the 120 survey yields the following:


  1. There were 84 females and 36 males responding
  2. Of those responding 105, 87.5 percent, lived in the dorms
  3. Most of the respondents were in their second to fourth semester with the majority of them in their second semester
  4. Most of the comments as to why students didn’t use the gym were as follows:



  1. The utilization of the Sports Center varied widely from zero times a month to thirty times a month


  1. Suggested Changes and/or additions:


    1. The far majority of comments, mainly complaints, were over the pool room and ping pong rooms being closed.  Both these rooms are now open and operating. 
    2. Other complaints were that that the weight room wasn’t open and the yellow bus was not operational.  The weight room and equipment have been cleaned and the facility is now open. The yellow bus will be operational this week.
    3. There were a number of requests for more activities i.e. dances, socials, tournaments, trips and activity classes.  We believe all these will be addressed under the new fall program (some this summer) now being developed.
    4. There was a number of what we categorized as “bad comments”.  This is our catch-all for either negative comments about a particular individual or just bad language.


  1. Additional Suggestions: