Proposed Initial Tentative Draft of ALO Report

The college is presently working on the following specific recommendations based on the exit assembly and the preliminary confidential draft of the accreditation visit team report:
The college has four broader and more general recommendations, "themes," that must be addressed system-wide at all levels in all units:
  1. Improve communication including command and control structures college wide.
  2. Integration of all aspects of planning, evaluation, and resource allocation.
  3. Identify and assess student learning outcomes.
  4. Create continuity across the system by standardizing instruction, student services, learning environments, and quality of instruction across the college’s six sites.
I would ask Jessica to feel free in modifying this as appropriate and then passing along a final draft to Norma for the notebooks.
I would also suggest that we provide each board member and every unit head with a copy of the attached document, "Making the Link."  I think this is a critical road map for each and every one of us.  The document frames each new recommendation in light of the past recommendations.  The document also includes all of the thematic recommendations in the report. 
Dana Lee Ling

cc:  Self study team leads, directly impacted unit heads