July 9, 2003

Dr. Michael Tatum
College of Micronesia-FSM
P.O. Box 159
Kolonia, Pohnpei, FM, 96941

Dear President Tatum:

At its meeting on June 19, 2003, the committee on Substantive Change of the Accrediting Commission for Community, and Junior:or Colleges, Western Association, of Schools and Colleges, reviewed the Substantive change Report submitted by College of Micronesia-FSM to offer a Bachelor of Education degree. I regret to inform you that the Substantive Change Report was not accepted at this time.

In order to gain approval of the Substantive Change, the college must demonstrate that the students who would be accepted into the Bachelor of Education progress are competent in oral and written communication in English at a level appropriate for those planning to pursue a career as elementary, education teachers. The college will need to identify and communicate the expected student learning outcomes and measures that the college will use to determine these competencies.

The College of Micronesia-FSM is to be commended for the forthrightness and thoroughness of its Substantive Change- Report. The Committee on Substantive Change recognizes the intent of the change is to meet a pressing need in the FSM. Although the Committee sees the value of a teacher training program, the overriding concern was the inability, as reported by the college, of COM-FSM's associate degree and in-service programs to prepare students to be competent in English. To meet accreditation standards, students must demonstrate language competencies in order to earn an associate's degree, and by logical extension, prior too admission to a baccalaureate program.

On behalf of the Commission I wish to express continuing interest in the institution's educational programs and services. Professional self-regulation is the most effective means of assuring integrity, effectiveness and quality.

1 Barbara A. Beno
Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges