Admissions test

Nanpei Memorial High School 08 March 2007

Morning sun on the elementary school at 07:24

Nanpei Memorial Elementary school

Cafeteria at 08:14. Awaiting a final bus to arrive.

030844nms_cafeteria (42K)

09:05 Yoneko explains filling in the answer sheet. Images taken without flash using existing light. Lighting conditions inside the cafeteria were good. Only occasional external noise during class changing times. Temperatures acceptable, room was well ventilated with fans and high ceilings.

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09:40 Grammary and vocabulary test underway. Later, eleven of forty-five students engaged in pre-writing prior to working on their essay.

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Math test. Every student had a calculator. Seating was at student's choice. Only a single instance of someone apparently trying to glimpse the results of a student on the other side of the table. Proctoring easily resolved this. Seating the students randomly probably not be worth the effort.

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