Marine Biology

MR 120

Spring 2000

Instructor: Brian Lynch

Office Hours: 10-11am M, W, F

Class Hours: M, W, F, (1-1:55)

Lab Hours: Thur. (11-2, 2-5)

Description: This course introduces the major concepts and principles of

Marine Biology. The importance of marine conservation,

biodiversity, taxonomy, and marine resource management will

also be discussed.

Grading Policy: A 90%-100%

B 80%-89%

C 70%-79%

D 60%-69%

F 59% or less

Grades will be based on 4 tests, several quizzes, a midterm

exam and a final exam.

Tests 400 pts.

Quizes 100 pts.

Midterm exam 75 pts.

Final exam 200 pts.

Total 800 pts. (approximately)



Attendance: Students are expected to attend all lectures and tests. Upon acquisition of a seventh absence, the student will be dropped from the course.

Labs: Students are expected to participate in all lab activities. It is strongly recommended that all students bring a mask for labs that require field trips to the ocean.



Tentative Course Schedule:

Week 1 Introduction to marine biology.

Week 2 Marine Food webs and ecology

Week 3 Kingdoms Monera, Protista, Fungi.

Week 4 Marine plant biology.

Week 5 Biology and ecology of marine invertebrates.

Week 6 Invertebrates cont. Marine sponges.

Week 7 The Cnidarians (corals, anemones, and jelly fish)

Week 8 Corals cont.

Week 9 Phyla Platyhelminthes and Annelida.

Week 10 Phylum Mollusca

Week 11 Arthropoda

Week 12 Echinodermata

Week 13 Marine Fishes

Week 14 Marine Reptiles and Mammals

Week 15 Pollution, overfishing, and other marine issues.

Week 16 Review. Final exam



Required Text: Webber and Thurman. 1991. Marine Biology. Harper Collins