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    what happened? will there be an intramural league this semester? many students love playing at the gym, and the intramural league is something many students look forward to. and more importantly, it keeps the students away from alcohol. isn't that great?
    also, the gym has been closed for a while now. lots of students like spending time at the gym, whether it's for pingpong, pool, volley, or basketball. but students apparently cannot.
    post up. appreciate all comments (except offensive & irrelevant ones).

    it's finally open!!
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2011
    what's happening this semester, how come there's no intramural games this semester....maybe we should stop paying the student activity fee....this the worst semester in COM-FSM...maybe we should also vote on the worst staff and faculty of the year...i already had my candidates
    something is FINALLY happening. the intramural league is on its way. registration deadline is 2 days from today so don't forget to sign ur organization up. lets make it a fun one. oh, one other thing... the gym is currently a conference room for some big meeting, which means students won't be able to play in the gym for a little while now. this sucks 'cuz we only got the parking lot. not that it isn't fun or anything, but it's roof-less. LOL.