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    a lot! ahahah...almost 200lbs! lmfao...but still sexy i believe lol
    lol.....well that's good if ur still sexy..........
    ahahaha...oh yea
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2010
    OH YES....
    i don't know..
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2010
    don be shy ett....
    • CommentAuthormajang
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2011
    where do we sign up???
    • CommentAuthorDorm VP
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2011
    i agree with majang and is open this semester?
    Yes, guys/gals. It is open for any major.
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2011
    the sign up sheet is with mz pni go sign up with her....
    lol...marky...who gave u that idea?...
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2011
    wei i dot u had just my idea....eh3.....sorry!!!!!...
    ur right i have it...and

    never apologize if u didn't do anything wrong...its a downer!
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2011
    i knw am it rly with you cuz i cant sign up with you..........eh3.......i mite forgt ma name if i saw you....
    MZPP, i'm a lil disappointed. I see you a lot in here but you can't make it to our meetings? What's going my friend, lol.
    Yea i heard about the meeting yesterday...kehse udahn im disappointed in myself too!
    guess i take advantage of the fact that i can just come to u and ask about wats goin on...
    and plus, im tryin to spend some QUALITY time with *ahem* someone ;) since im leavin soon...
    but i gotta make time for u guys too...lets plan another social nyt!
    forget that, ahem, someone. he'll be long forgotten once you leave. i know. trust me. you'll meet other young studs n fine physical specimen, you wouldn't even hesitate. you'll totally forget about your lil fling you got going on...ehehe. trust me. don't take your love with you to the military. never works. you'll find better selections in the units.........whoooa!!!
    SVet i already know! hehe...but im really hoping i don't get attached to anyone while at BT or AIT...i know damn well dat i cant handle distractions...BTW i only got 20 days left on the island...
    • CommentAuthorSoldier Vet
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2011 edited
    Hey, young buck (mzpp), what makes you think you'll get the time for getting attached at BT or AIT. There is no time for your personal pleasure. It's all uncle sam time. If you think, it's more like a college institution where you can mingle with friends whenever you feel like, then you got it all wrong, HERO!! They tell you everything, even when to breathe. If there's a fly on your face, or a mosquito, don't try to rub your face. Or it'll be your azs. Don't even blink in BT or AIT. They'll tell you everything there is for you to do. You don't move without a command. Yea, that's where your spirit be tested. Its where they break you down as a civilian and rebuild you as a soldier. Your life and the lives of others will depend on your discipline in case you go to COMBAT. So, pay attention, and I mean extra attention to your Drill Sgts. There is no slow time in there, everything is in a rush. You move with a sense of urgency everytime. When you eat, you don't eat, you swallow your food and taste it later. Be glad if you even get to eat a whole banana. Oh don't worry, you'll be amongst the finest by the time you graduate. You'll be with the elite young warriors but never take your profession lightly. For everything is a test of courage and bravery. Hollywood be wanting to walk in your shoes. They be copying everything you accompish and making it into movies. That's how grateful people are on your profession. Never look down when marching either. Always drink a lot of water. And when you grad, you'll be one the world's elite members. There's no better feeling than that. I still can't comprehend. Always be proud and walk tall. For you can move mountains. What you do, can change the world view and you'll be changing the lives of millions world wide. You go, HERO!

    BTW, Hope you're working out here because I don't like you to taste the ground not prepared. Words to the wise.
    Hey SVet udahn I wanna say thanks your words made me feel a bit more
    and I wanna apologize for not showing up on saturday...Soangen ngehi me
    kakos e, its hard getting outa the house in the morning...karehda i kapser
    ahi doahk ko pwon iahpw kohla nan mohso around 4...btw how was it?
    • CommentAuthorSoldier Vet
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2011 edited
    It was good. But what matters now is your mission ahead. Make us proud.
    Perm. we're talking both. S Science and Patriotic as you can see, Mz PNiPalau is both.