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    • CommentAuthorenchok 37
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    One of my sisters ask me to write a poem about a guy liking a girl but that girl likes another guy... or a girl liking a guy but that guy likes another girl...

    Anyone got any good poems?... chuukese and english language accepted...
    • CommentAuthorate_pas
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010 edited
    "Uh Mesenuk Nge Ke Meseni"

    Uh mesenuk nge ke meseni,
    Ida tipei nge ah iei
    Nge ih meni ese tepwei,
    Nus mwan ngang fanidom
    Epwe ifa pwungun dipom,
    Pwada ke sokono
    Nge enned upwe duruno,
    Kse mgn kpwe jimweda
    Jimweseni kede dupeda,
    Omw samau, pwan ai samau,
    Iei pwopun wa jok sasakau,
    Uh resin ne oruka
    Ai nedipeda,
    Nge ewer enned
    Ese pwcn pwak,
    Pwun uh mesenuk
    Nge ke meseni...

    by: emon at... pwan ai jok anninis non omw na, omusano ika ksapw menei...
    • CommentAuthorenchok 37
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2010
    ewer knsw ngnk emon at pwe vokun kij menei omw ei.. pwan vokun waan maa wesen muuta ngang ren omw ei poem...
    thank you soo much you have really helped me and i am forever greatful neee!!!!!....
    i dreamed and i had him it seemed
    he kissed me on the lips and carrassed me on the ribs.
    he held me near and whispered into my hear,
    "need no more to fear, you'll always be my dear".
    but now my eyes are opened wide,
    you're at another's side.

    enchok 37, kan iei ukukun. amusalo ren nafangau.
    rengaw, are you saying i'm par? Nahn, i still want more. Can u provide?
    If you're commending me because of the poem, rengaw, share us what you got.
    • CommentAuthorate_pas
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2010 edited
    The glitters in your eyes make my heart fumble,
    The smell of your skin make my body tumble.
    I stop for a while awaiting your response
    Still your silence answer more.
    Tangled up by your words I was once.
    For hope and love is what I hold.
    I wander like a fog very stiff
    And I know your love is what you give.
    Every time my windows see you near,
    Your name whispers in every second
    Your face flashes never in the end
    Unstoppable this love of mine,
    Still your name will never fall behind.
    Filled my heart I am with sorrow
    For I wonder “Will I die tomorrow?”.
    If I are to,
    You Will never be forgotten…

    By: Enjok nemin,
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2010 edited
    why am i given such an unfortunate fate,

    for i longed for one and he longed for another,

    for i've given my love, but he giveth to another,

    why must my heart be the one to break,

    why must my heart be the one to fail,

    why must my heart be the one to go unnoticed,

    why must my heart be the one to suffer.

    the world is but so cruel to me

    to make me love someone who wasn't meant to be.
    • CommentAuthorrengaw
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2010
    There is always a reason for everything.

    There is a reason why I exist in this world, and that is because of you.

    There is a reason why I feel this pain and that’s because my love for you is getting stronger than before.

    There is a reason why I feel wary and that’s because you believe me no more.

    There’s a reason why you love me no more and that’s because you find somebody else.

    There’s a reason why I am down and that’s because you belong to somebody else.
    • CommentAuthornite
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2010 edited
    I loved you dearly with all my heart

    you loved me fearly with your heart

    I told you that this feeling is true

    You told me to find someone new

    Days passed and you realize that I loved you

    Days passed and I finally find someone new

    Who loves me back as I'm lovin her back

    Who cares more not to make me sad

    You cried and begged for forgiveness

    But my heart is relentless

    My heart is true to one now

    And will sure love her, i vow
    • CommentAuthorvyvi
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010 edited
    Incredible, is the love we have
    Very sweet, are the moments we share
    You, are the reason I live.......

    I know its off the subject but, Ingkiks! LOL!
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010 edited
    I woke up in the morning,
    Happy instead of mourning.
    I thought to myself,
    What is it that I will face today?
    Fortune, love, misery, or sorrow!
    The wind can tell, the sun can tell,
    The birds can tell, the dogs and cats can tell.
    I trudge my road, a road I build on my own.
    It's ups and downs, curves and rough spots made it
    hard for my journey today.
    Does it matter?
    It hurts, but my FRIENDS are there.
    I found love, I found happiness and care.
    This is all that matters.
    • CommentAuthorpworu
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2010 edited
    I have one, but it's about somebody staying in the underworld who don't care about anything but him/herself. I made it on my own last year, but I'll make it short:

    OK it's time to run
    We're gonna have some fun
    Adventure's coming on
    We will approach let's get it on..

    That's the one I made. I already complete it. That's not it but I made it short.
    i really don't know any poem, but guys, reading your poems,,,maaaaan,,,am in love!!!!!
    • CommentAuthorT-16
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2010
    hey soulik,who are you in love with?LKL??????LOL!!!!!!!!!
    • CommentAuthorpworu
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2010
    Yo T-1-6- you and soulik always talk about LKL.......what is it a thing or just a word of secret...?????
    • CommentAuthorT-16
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2010
    hey pworu, stop acting like u don know it man.......
    • CommentAuthorAnime-niac
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2010
    What da hell does LKL mean?????
    • CommentAuthorpworu
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    about this one....
    As long as some suffer the river flows 4-ever
    As long as there is pain the river flows 4-ever
    As srong as a smile can be the river flows 4-ever
    but As long as UR with me we'll ride the river 2-gether
    • CommentAuthorpworu
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    girls are cool but they are tools
    boys use them as tool and they always loose
    hey pworu, what are u talking about refering girls as tools???

    they're like shining gold that we man always attracrted to......want to trade our live with....u feel me....
    • CommentAuthorAnime-niac
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    I may say that women are sexier than men. lol Hey! I'm stating of what I heard!

    Soulik_Madol, I think pworu is trying to say that.... girls are sex drives or objects to men, so boys get crazy fo 'em. U C wat I mean, dawg?
    hey Anime-niac, don't ever use hearsay information cuz they bring bad luck......
    • CommentAuthorAnime-niac
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    Oops. Sorry. Does it hurt? Hey, I'm not flaming or doing anything bad. I'm askin' truthfully.
    it really annoying u know....
    • CommentAuthorjola
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    good girls are made of suger and spice
    my girls are made of vodka and ice..
    may i have some of ur girls, jola? just 15% of them cuz it seems u got a
    • CommentAuthorAnime-niac
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    what makes u feel annoyed, brotha? Is it da one I commented?
    everythibg born from it brotha??????
    • CommentAuthorsmaibo_09
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    okay here is one

    Girls drink pepsi to get more sexy
    u boys go to jupiter to get more stupider...
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2010
    in a part i did so well
    i met a guy i love so swell
    he took my heart and set it free
    but he didn't know what he did to me

    he took a stranger upon his knees
    and told her things he never told me
    i went crying upon my bed
    without any words to my mother i said

    my father came late that night
    and look for me from left to right
    to my room the door he broke
    he saw me hanging from a rope

    they found a letter on the floor it said
    "dig my grave and dig it deep
    place a statue upon my feet
    on the statue place a dove
    and tell the whole world that i die for love"
    • CommentAuthornite
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2010
    playing around is easy but fast
    when you're done it's part of your past
    that's when every thing collapses in gasp
    making life hard to grasp
    when you thought you have your last moments
    life comes in to take away good emotions
    however hard you think you are in love
    think again cuz hearts are too soft
    play nice and good
    pray that one day you'll end it smooth
    • CommentAuthorActivate
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2010
    great poems ya'll posted in here.
    • CommentAuthorLisaleen
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2010
    i just love reading romantic poems
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2010
    thanx alot guys
    • CommentAuthorfanitom
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    common t-tong, that poem almost make me cry............
    • CommentAuthorkasahngat
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2010
    this is my message for her
    All i wish for you to know
    is that i may not look like
    what you expect me to show you
    but deep down inside is really hard
    to show her that i do...

    i can promise you everything
    but i can not promise you one thing
    is that i will never hurt her...

    i may not be the best guy you wish for
    but i can fulfill your dreams
    i know that I'm not deserve your love
    but i was born to tell you
    that " i love you"
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2010
    I like you
    where ever you go
    because that what i do

    look at me
    and tell me what you see
    because I'm not Lee
    • CommentAuthorLisaleen
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2010
    wow kas...really romantic...hahaha...nice one...
    • CommentAuthorkod
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2010
    i love you
    you love me
    we are happy family
    • CommentAuthorkasahngat
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2010
    thanks lis..
    i love you
    like the skies that blue
    and make it true
    but you tore it into two
    and i start asking who
    but you just can't went through..
    • CommentAuthorR3K@mWoTu
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2010
    i'm noT a fOOl
    bUt i'm cOol
    i tRieD tO bE sTupiD
    BuT i'm nOt uSe tO iT
    i TriEd hArD
    BuT iT BrOke mY heArT
    • CommentAuthorR3K@mWoTu
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2010
    hey enchok daz all i got for now
    • CommentAuthorLisaleen
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2010
    hahaha kas udahn sound so kasahngat pwa......hahaha.....
    men rule,
    but they're not so cool.

    women are so kind,
    because that's how they shine.

    men don wanna cook a dish,
    because they're selfish.

    women always share,
    because they really care.

    men love to be at club cubid,
    because they're so stupid.

    women stayed at home,
    but they don wanna be alone.

    there is nothing can be done,
    for men and women were meant to be one.....

    this is for you ma secret admirer...........
    • CommentAuthorR3K@mWoTu
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2010
    udahn soulik u inlove or somdin?ehehe but gud one though....
    • CommentAuthorkasahngat
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2010
    i like it too..maannn..ur the man of love...eheheh
    like what they say, "speak your mind and you'll be heard".........