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    I had thought that a forum would be an active and useful contributor to communication on campus. Although early, the forum is now a month old and anecdotal evidence is that email remains the preferred medium for discussion here at the college. Statistically the average age of last contribution to topics on the forum is 18.29 days with a 95% confidence interval for topic age ranging from 12 to 25 days. This suggests that the forum has either fallen into disuse or is generally inactive on a two to three-week time frame. Contrast that to email where activity is generally daily on topics such as the recent kick butts day effort.

    I thank IT for their efforts in getting the forum up, but as a general center of campus dialog the forum appears to be likely to play second fiddle to email.

    What I would suggest is to allow faculty to set up forums on Vanilla, with the faculty member as the admin/moderator for classes. I think it would be a worthy experiment to run a forum in support of a course such as MS 150 statistics where students regularly submit work by email, do work on computers, and where a forum may be a useful academic support tool for the students. How difficult would this be?

    I am reminded that a year post-Moodle that effort has yet to bear usable fruit and am hoping that Vanilla, although limited apparently to running a discussion board, might be a step towards additional tech capacity for learning purposes. Thanks!

    • CommentAuthorserphin1
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2007
    I fully support Dana's idea for utilizing Vanilla for MS 150. In fact, my support goes to all courses which may have the need. This may be the beginning of offering some courses online. From my layman's view, all that takes is setting a forum up for a specific course; however, it will be done in a way that only the professor and students have access to the forum. That way, discussions can be made for the course by students and professor online.