SS 101 – Introduction to Political Science

Assignment#1/ Due: Monday January 21, 2002


Chapter 1:  Questions 


1)      Why does the author say that the questions on page 3 dealing with bosses and parents belong in the definition/discussion of Politics? 


2)      Compare and contrast implicit and manifest powers. 


      3)      According to chapter 1, what makes an action “Political”?


      4)      Name and describe the fields of political science in the United States. Page 15 –



 SS101 Introduction to Political Science

Assignment#2/Due: January 25, 2001


Chapter 2: Short answers:


  1. Define Ideology –


  1. What are some characteristics of American ideologies?


  1. What are the differences between Liberalism and Conservatism?


  1. What are the differences between Socialism and Fascism?


  1. What is Communism?


  1. Briefly discuss the Historical background of ideologies.