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Email Lesson Plan
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Lesson Title: Using Email
Subject Area: English and Computer
Grade Level: 9th grade
Time: The whole period (45 minutes)
Author: Jayleen Kokis
Lesson Summary: Students will be working in the group of two, exchanging their email address, discussing and sharing ideas through emails, and also reading each other stories which they themselves have compose through exchanging in emails.


The students will work cooperatively by:

discussing ideas
sharing ideas
exchanging stories
checking each other’s grammar
asking questions
giving and sharing answers.

Prerequisite Skills:

Students will already have the ability to use a computer:

using the word processing: the keyboard skills and mouse skills, how to copy, save and edit, and paste.
using the Internet: knowing the addresses of other Websites.
using other websites to gather information for stories to compose.
already familiar with email. Already have email address. Knows how to send and compose email letters, how to log in and log out safely and properly.

Materials and Resources:

Technology: computers, printers, Internet connection, word processing software, email software, other Encyclopedias and books to be used in gathering information on the topic each students want to write about.


    1. Divide the students into their group. Two persons in one group, one boy and one girl.
    2. Partners get acquainted with each other.
    3. Tell the students about the project. They are to compose a story from the topics given and they are to exchange their stories with their partners through emailing.
    4. Exchange their email address.
    5. Exchanging stories began. They can ask each other questions regarding the story.


The students will be able to check their emails easily without any problems, gaining information from their partners from their emails and will also be able to help others register for an email address. While they are doing this, exchanging stories in their emails, they are at the same time learning English. Sometimes, a student may learn a mew word from another through sharing stories, report and articles with each others.

Modification For Differentiated Instruction:

Pair up one experience student with a slow learner, this way the slow learner will learn from the more experience one, and at the same time the more experience one will learn how to interact and share whatever information he or she knows with a slow one. But more to that, it result in success.
The more experience student were more creative in thinking up about what to write or what to present. The slow one working with will right away learn and do exactly what the more experience ones had been doing.


































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