Jay Mckay

"Don't walk in front of me

I might not follow.

Don't walk behind me

I might not lead.

Walk beside me and be my


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Hi everyone!!! Welcome to my webpage. This webpage is a project in my Language Art Method Class as a future use for the teachers who will be teaching English as Second Language(ESL). My name is Jayleen Kokis, but my friends call me Jay-Jay for short. I'm a third year student here at the College of Micronesia (FSM) and I'm from one of the four states in the Federated States of Micronesia called "Chuuk".

I come from a family of six, my mom and dad, three sisters(two older and one younger) and only one brother. My two older sisters are working now, one here at the Sokehs Shopping Center Office and the other one back in Chuuk in the Truk Travel Agency Office. My Brother is attending the University of Guam, and my other younger sister is also attending COM-FSM.

I graduated from Berea Christian High School in 1997, and started attending this college fall 1997. I really like this college, because I meet new people and become good friends with them. Most of the times when I'm not feeling good, they're there to cheer me up. Whenever I need help, they're there to lend me a hand. Whenever I need someone to talk to, they're there to listen. They are very friendly and helpful. Even the instructors here are also friendly and helpful to me.

Whenever I'm free, I always like to read novels, listen to music, go to the theatre or just hang out with these friends of mine, here on this COM-FSM campus. I am attending this College and at the same time staying in the dorm. well staying in the dorm is very nice, but sometimes I got bored and homesick.

There are times in the morning when the sun rises, and in the evening when the sun sets, and at the same time wind blowing down from the mountain of Palikir, then I am longing to go back home. Yes, we may all got bored and homesick being far away from our home and from the people that we are all familiar with, but let us all remember the purpose of our being far away from home, and that is to strive to be the best in school ,so we could all go back home and help out in every way we can...................

Therefore, to you the younger generation:

" Stay in school and keep it up. Never give up. Try and try until you all succeed."