CALL Methods
Workshop #3 Agenda

July 10, Monday

1.  Jeopardy Review:

Lab Maintenance
Digital Camera

2. Chatting: Discussion of problems you have encountered so far
3. Scavenger Hunt : After schecking out this website, make a poster that answers these questions:
a. How to you use a scavenger hunt?
b. Why would you use a scavenger hunt?
c. What are the steps involved in creating a scavenger hunt?
4. Select a Decade Activity
5. Email practice: Mystery Writing

July 11, Tuesday

1. Introduction to Planning a Technology Project
Assessment Rubrics Examples by Nancy Picket at SDSU
More Rubric Assessment Examples from Region 20 ESCin Texas
Evaluation of Websites
2. Make a PowerPoint or Webpage project with Decade Information
3. Webquest Activity Examples from Bernie Dodge's students/workshop particpants and Here
4. In Search of Great Deserts by Laura Karl and Laurie Stevens
5. Evergreen Project-Homework Project Make a Webquest about Coral Reefs

July12, Wednesday

1. Web based lesson PowerPoint Presentation by Miguel Guhlin
2. Information Gap Activity on ways to use Technology in the Classroom.
3. Atmosphere in the Classroom -handout from CALL Environments

July 13, Thursday

1.Excel Spreadsheets and Database-M & M Demonstration and Group Hands-on Practice with Excel
2. Spreadsheet Basics
3. Ideas for using Spreadsheets in Math

July 14, Friday

1. Evaluating Lesson Plans with Excel (graphs and charts)
2. Lesson Plans that Use Excel
3.  Create Individual Excel Spreadsheet and Database Project

July 17, Monday

Teaching Social Studies Methods/Evaluating Software
1. How to Evaluate Software
2. Demonstration of Social Studies Software

Simulation Software- K-3 and up
International Inspirer-Group Work
Earth, Forces,and Nature

3. Hands on Evaluation
4. Lesson Plans that Use Encarta
5. More lessons Using Encarta K-4
6.  Lesson Plans that Use Encarta World Atlas

July 18, Tuesday


1. Mentor Worksheet (Brainstorming Activity)
2. Mentor Presentation
3. COM-FSM Evaluation Methods for Practicum Experience (Handouts)

July 19, Wednesday

1. Using Multimedia in the Classroom/Introduction to HyperStudio-Handout
    Stack on France

July 20, Thursday

1. Plan and Creating HyperStudio Projects
2. Begin Project

July 21, Friday

Create HyperStudio Projects
Make a webpage using this template

Other Resources:
Free Typing Program Typing Made Easy





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