Exercise 2

MS Word & Internet


Use the WWW to find the answers to the following Question. Type all answers in Microsoft Word.

Open Internet Explorer

What is the Homepage on the computer you’re using?

Go to the COM-FSM Website

What is the Fax # for COM-FSM National Campus?

What is Carol Wilson-Duffy’s email address?

Go to the PT3 Website (www.comfsm.fm/pt3)

Click on Announcement.

What is the training date for Benchmark #7?
Go back to Web Resources
Choose Lesson Plans on the Web that you may be able to use with the students

Copy the URL into to a Word Processing Document.

Add the Website to the Favorites folder

Using a Search Engine, find another lesson plan

Copy the URL for the lesson plan to the Word document

Add the URL to the favorites folder.

Insert Footer and type the # of the computer you’re using.
Save the word document on your disk in Rich Text Format
Turn in your disk or send a copy Sylvia or Carol.



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