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Friday, May 30, 2008 11:30 am

COM-FSM's Ramsie Joab of Pohnpei to officiate at FIBA games in Australia

Ramsie Joab, the Pohnpei Campus activity specialist, has been invited by the regional office of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA Oceania) to officiate at the FIBA Oceania Basketball Championships in Adelaide, Australia.

In a letter by the Secretary General of FIBA Oceania, Mr Steve Smith, to the Australian Government, he said that Ramsie Joab was invited to officiate at the FIBA Oceania Basketball Championships for U-19 Men and Women which will be played in Adelaide, South Australia between the dates August 1 to 3.

According to Mr Smith, the invitation is a great honor and achievement for Ramsie and for the FSM Basketball Federation. Ramsie obtained his International Referee’s License during a clinic held last year at the South Pacific Games in Samoa and this will be the first opportunity he has had to use his new qualification.

Mr Smith further wrote that Ramsie's staying expenses for the event will be covered by Basketball Australia who is staging this event on behalf of FIBA Oceania. Smith also commented to the Australian Government that Ramsie is a person of high moral character and has undertaken extensive international travels over the last few years. He said that he is happy to vouch for the character of Ramsie and he assured the Australian government that Mr Joab is not a person who represents any risk to Australia during his visit. Mr Smith said that Ramsie has strong family and professional ties to Pohnpei to which he will be keen to return at the end of his assignment.

Mr Smith further wrote that because Ramsie works in the sports industry in Pohnpei, he will try to arrange for some short professional development activities for Ramsie during his time in Adelaide therefore extending his stay in Australia for not more than three extra days.

Ramsie Joab currently works at the College of Micronesia-FSM at its Pohnpei Campus as the campus' activity specialist.

Ramsie Joab is the activity specialist at COM-FSM, Pohnpei Campus

Ramsie officiating at COM-FSM Founding Day 2008 track events.

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