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Mr. Kemelios and Ms. Jennings are Mr. and Miss Founding Day 2008

Mr. and Miss. Pohnpei Campus were named Mr and Miss Founding Day 2008 during the coronation ceremony of March 28 at the National Campus. Ms Debbie Amor-Jennings and Mr Erickson Olter Kemelios along with the entire college community at Pohnpei Campus earned their title when they raised $12,010.31 toward the college’s endowment fund.

The following are the teams and the amount they raised:

  • Purple (Pohnpei Campus students)- $12,010.31
  • White (Chuukese students at National Campus) - $3,394.65
  • Green (Kosraen students at National Campus) - $1,860
  • Red (Yapese students at National Campus) - $1,500
  • Blue (Pohnpeian students at National Campus) - $1,136

In preparation for the coronation, Pohnpei Campus held its own Mr and Miss Pohnpei Campus competition between student groups from Kolonia, Sokehs, Kitti, Madolenihmw, U, and Nett. The following are the contestants and the amount that each group raised:

  • Erickson Olter Kemelios and Debbie Amor Jennings from Team U - $2679.06
  • Joeffrey Saimon and Susana Hentrick from Team Kitti - $2561.29
  • Jackson Seiola and Arleen Emelios from Team Kolonia - $1836.72
  • Peter Enicar and Franceleen Santos from Team Sokehs - $1634
  • Donbert Perez and Almihner Kusto from Team Madolenihmw - $1140.66
  • Lihno Setik and Jimmi-Lean Damarlan from Team Nett - $936.56

From the entire funds collected by the groups toward the endowment fund, ten percent of that goes back to the group.

The coronation is part of the activites that the college has put together to celebrate its 15th year as the national institution of higher education for the nation. The College has been celebrating its Founding Day every year through the holding of ball game competitions, cultural exhibitions, and Mr and Miss Founding Day competitions, among other things.

Every other year is fundraising year, when the college features the Mr and Miss competitions and where students form groups to raise funds toward the Endowment Fund. The group that produces the most money is named the Mr. and Miss. Founding Day for that year. (The Endowment Fund is a fund established by the college to ensure the stability of the future operations of the college in its service to our students).

This year is fundraising year and it is also our custom to have Pohnpei Campus and National Campus celebrate this event together. As it our practice, Pohnpei Campus held a Mr and Miss competition between student groups from Kolonia, Sokehs, Kitti, Madolenihmw, U, and Nett. The group that wins the Pohnpei Campus competition through the fundraising of the most money represented Pohnpei Campus in the competition with the other groups at the National Campus.

The following student groups did not participate in the coronation:

  • Brown Team (Pingelap and Mwoakilloa students at National Campus)
  • Orange (Mortlockese students at National Campus)
  • Black (Nukuoro and Kapingamarangi students at National Campus)

The College of Micronesia-FSM would like to thank its friends and sponsors for their kind contribution to its fundraising activities.


Mr. and Miss Founding Day 2008

Ms. Debbie Amor-Jennings and Mr. Erickson Olter Kemelios as Mr. and Miss Founding Day 2008 posing with their flower girls.

Mr. Sydlee Erwin and Ms. Charityn Ben of the White Team with flower girl.

Mr. Nicolas Abraham and Ms. Michelle Anton of the Green Team

Mr. Noel Yagisemal and Ms. Michelle M. Gapith of the Red Team

Ms. Patsipa Neth and Mr. Quinston Lawrence of the Blue Team

Pohnpei Campus Contestants

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