5 Years of Service 10 Years of Service 15 Years of Service

Relinda Abellera

Anca Dema

Arbel Ben

Robert Andreas

Magdalena Hallers

Salter Borong

Mayliza Ariote

Mark Kostka

Benina Ilon

Allain Bourgoin

Ramon Ladore

Wilson Kalio

Dayle Dannis

Luciano Matias


Maria Donre

Martin Mingii

Nancy Lippwe


Dannis Lorrin

20 Years of Service 25 years of Service

Lucy Oducado

Engly Ioanis

Asher Edward

Joseph Saimon

Jackson Phillip

Arinda Swingly

Herman Semes

Ioana Nanpei


Belinda Suzuki


Harbert Tom

30 Years of Service 35 Years of Service
  Norma Edwin Billidos Albert    37 years

Ketiner Kenneth

Innovative Idea Reward Community Service Reward  
Joey Oducado Francisco Mendiola
Student Choice Staff of the Year
Mariana Ben Francisco Mendiola
Award of Recognition Faculty of the Year
Jessica Stam Gregg Longanecker
Professional Recognition  

John Haglelgam (for his monthly contributions to the Pacific Island Magazine)

Benson Moses (for successfully completing a Master of Arts in Education)

Rohaizad Suaidi(for winning two Cameron Arts Awards: Best Orginal Music and Audience Choice for Production of "Ophelia")

Jonathan Gourlay ( for serving a Chair of the Video and Digital Media Section of the TESOL Organization)

Doug Kelly (for presenting on Inovative Uses of Digital Media at the TESOL Conference)

Dr. Donald Buden (for his continued scientific research and publications)

Edwin Barnuevo(for becoming a Certified Public Accountant through Guam)

Good health (for being present on the job every day of the Calendar Year 2004)

Iris Falcam

Amerihter Thozes

Loatis Seneres