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President Message to Students

August 9, 2018

President Daisy’s Message to Students,

As president and CEO of COM-FSM and on behalf of the Board of Regents, administration, faculty and staff it is my pleasure to welcome you, and to thank you for choosing COM-FSM to pursue your higher education.

You begin a milestone in your life as you pursue higher education. The opportunities for you to learn, to grow, and to make life-long friends are limitless.

Some of you have come with your career goals clearly identified. Some of you have come to explore the vast array of possibilities.  No matter, how you are positioned, I encourage you to keep an open mind, to pursue all opportunities available to you, and to fully participate in the life of the college.

The faculty, staff and administration are here to serve you, to help you be successful and to achieve your goals and dreams. If and when you need our help, we will be here for you. The faculty, as academic advisors is skilled to assist you in your degree program and course selection. The student, and administrative services staff will assist you in the areas of financial aid, counseling, student life, and related business matters. Seek us out often, and especially when you need help. Let us work with you to ensure that it is easy for you to do business with the college.

We want to help you make your learner centered college experience as meaningful, valuable, and enriching as possible. We will do our part and you must do your part. Your primary responsibility is to your studies and to being the very best students possible. Attend and be prepared for class, complete your assignments on time, actively and positively participate in, and contribute to your learning.

Know that the pathway to success is lined with both failure and success. Learn from your failures. Stay positive. View every challenge as an opportunity. It is how you experience and overcome failure that determines the quality of your journey to success. It was a familiar and well-worn path for so many throughout history who are now recognized as successful.

This is your college. While each of you come from different states with different languages, rich traditions, culture and customs, as students of COM-FSM you are now part of something bigger. While COM-FSM is one college with many campuses, it is first and foremost one college. COM-FSM is the only national, public college serving the entire FSM. You are a part of the COM-FSM community, and you strengthen it because of the individual experiences that you bring.

Please join us, as together we look forward to continuing to celebrate the college’s 25th Anniversary, and to an academic year filled with great promise. Promise yourself that you will make the most of the many academic and student life opportunities available to you at COM-FSM. Commit yourself to this, so that you will be prepared to achieve your goals and dreams and, fulfill the great promise that your future holds!

We will lift you up. But… you must finish the race. Never give up! Welcome and best wishes for success.